St. Francis of Assisi Wedding
Cielo of Castle Pines Reception
Allison and Joshua

From the invitations to the table clothes, Allie and Josh’s wedding was a spectacular show of attention to detail and beautiful arrangements. We had so much fun shooting in the woods in Castle Rock, Colorado and applaud the wedding party for their flawless makeup and fabulousness. Cielo at Castle Pines is a fantastic venue and we feel so honored to be able to capture this perfect day for Allie and Josh.

Hail solitary star!
That shinest from thy far blue height,
And overlookest Earth
And Heaven, companionless in light!
The rays around thy brow
Are an eternal wreath for thee;
Yet thou’rt not proud, like man,
Though thy broad mirror is the sea,
And thy calm home eternity!

– John Rollin Ridge