Wedding Day

 Wedding Day Playbook

The following information provided by you will be our playbook on your wedding day. We will be referencing it extensively so please complete it with as many details as possible.


Address After The Wedding

First Look

First Look is when the groom gets to see the bride in her wedding dress and makeup BEFORE the wedding ceremony rather than seeing her for the first time on the alter. If you do decide to do the First Look, we will dedicate about 15 minutes to capture this moment as it can be a bit emotional as well as photograph a few private portraits with just the couple.

Formal Portraits

This is when we'd photograph all family members with various combinations of people. Ex: Bride/Groom + Bride's Family, Bride/Groom + Groom's  Parents + Uncle Joe

Formal Portraits are typically done immediately after the ceremony at the wedding alter or a nearby spot.

Getting Ready - Bride

Getting Ready - Groom

Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Reception

Additional Photoshoot (if applicable)

Wedding Day Contacts

Please provide us with at lease one main contact who would be aware of your wedding plan on the wedding day. We will be relying on her in the event any part of the plan changes.

Bridal Party

Please write additional names in Notes.


We would like to connect with other wedding vendors for good vibes. Please enter vendor's name and website in the same field.

Please let us know in the text box below:
- Any cultural and religious rituals we need to be aware of?
- Must-have shots: Groom and uncle Joe, Bride and her sister, Bride and Grandma Sally, etc.
- Anything and everything you wish for us to know in advance to your wedding day.